15 Mar

Secret Garden

Mary Lennox is the key, the catalyst, and our unconventional heroine.

Secret Garden Full Length Ballet




Mary Lennox is the key, the catalyst, and our unconventional heroine.

A metaphorical journey through the classic tale of “The Secret Garden”, this is a story of loss, dreams, hope and transformation.

The forgotten Mary Lennox, alone in her room, dreams of joining her parents in one of their lavish soirees amongst the high society in the British colony of India. Cruel reality sets in when the cholera strikes, leaving her utterly alone in the world with nothing but a suitcase. Mary solemnly boards the train of destiny to London, where she is sent to live with her estranged uncle, Archibald Craven.

She finds herself similarly forgotten and unloved by the disapproving head servant Mrs. Medlock and the austere, untouchable Archibald, who is suffering from a broken heart after losing his beloved wife, Lillius, ever so tragically in her favorite rose garden. With the loss of Lillius, he locks the garden and his heart for good, shutting out all life and light.

Mary’s rebellious spirit rails against this lifeless environment, thus catapulting her down a surreal and enchanted journey to overcome her own loss and fears. Mary makes her way through a shape-shifting garden maze, transformative butterflies, revolving key locks and creeping vines which are beckoning her to unlock the secrets of the garden within. On this destined path, she encounters Dickon, a magical boy who seems as if he is born from the very fabric of this unraveling mystery.

Back in the manor of broken hearts, Colin Craven, Archibald’s neglected, crippled son is throwing one of his many tantrums. Servants scramble to please him, unaware that the only color in his life is the dream of his mother Lillius. It is only at night, unbeknown to Colin when he’s fast asleep, that Archibald visits him, ashamed of his inability to show affection upon the painful passing of his late wife. In this state of mind, Archibald fantasizes about his rose, Lillius, reuniting with her in a duet of love, remembrance and heartbreak.


ACT 11

Relentlessly ordering the servants to obey his every whim, Colin meets his match when Mary discovers him in a distant bedchamber, challenging his defiant and spoiled nature. Mary urges him to find the inner strength she discovered in herself with the revival of the garden and guides him out of his bedroom and into her mystical, outdoor journey. They find themselves in front of an old oak tree which is awoken by their presence and becomes Colin’s odd mentors teaching him to stand, plant his roots and learn to walk. He is overcome with joy at his physical strength proving he had merely been crippled by his beliefs. It is there that Colin meets Dickon for the first time but tension arises as jealously sets in after Colin witnesses the innocent yet undeniable love between growing between Mary and Dickon.

Separated in each of their rooms, Archibald and Colin share an escalating sense of frustration with their deep loneliness, longing to connect with each other. Colin seeks to prove to his seemingly uncaring father that he is a strong boy worthy of his attention, while Archibald is unable to cope with his inability to reach out to those he loves. They are left in a world of colliding opposites, as the essence, which Mary unleashed in the garden not only intoxicates but invocates true personal transformation from darkness to light.

Met by a cosmic swirl of vivid color, the garden blooms full throttle and the miracle of Colins recovery becomes known to his father, culminating in a new found relationship and intertwining of Mary into their family. All the hurt melts away in a sea of color as their hearts open, spirits soar with blooming flowers in this magical secret garden where love reigns.

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