07 Nov

Gone with the Whim

Opera haunts and Rock-n’-Roll taunts. Throbbing hip-hop seduces elegant ballerinas amid creations of imagination.

Gone with the Whim is a cutting edge parody of Margaret Mitchell’s classic novel, Gone with the Wind. Told through high energy dancing, beautiful aerial ballets, song, and theatrics, all set to original scores by the live renegade, stilt-walking rock band KYO™ (formerly SURVE). Follow our modern-day heroine, “Starlett”, who taunted by a division of self, must find a way to reconcile with “Star” her alter ego. She is joined in this journey by “Olivia”, the angel in Limbo between heaven and earth; “Leslie”, Olivia’s husband, and the man for whom Starlett pines, and of course, “Clark”, Starlett’s husband and true love and nemesis. Let us venture with Starlett, in her evolution from a vain, petulant, silly girl of whimsy, to a woman of great strength. She must survive the perils of war, the heartache of unrequited love, and avoid the social net of conformity cast by the Illuminati-Media conspiracy… in so doing, she’ll liberate the star within.