07 Nov

Garden of Reason

A vision quest for freedom, understanding & wisdom in a wold of colliding opposites, duality & deception.

Garden of Reason is a riveting, cutting-edge performance that fuses ancient myths into an urban reality with all its sin, lust, love and hate. Told through high energy dancing, acrobatic aerialists defying gravity, and the renegade Industrial band KYO™ performing on stilts, Garden of Reason transcends contemporary dance, drama and music, creating a stage phenomenon. Garden of Reason plays out a metaphor on the Garden of Eden. The theme explores what it is to be human, and questions whether temptation, whether good or evil, might not be the motivation that compels humans to an expanded awareness by forcing the development of reason. Garden of Reason is directed and choreographed by Josie Walsh (formerly of the Joffrey Ballet), and features Walsh and her Myo Dance Company, aerialist Ingrid Hoffman, and live industrial music by KYO™.