06 Nov


Josie Walsh is the Artistic Director of the Joffrey Ballet School / San Francisco Contemporary Ballet Summer Program and Joffrey West (LA) summer program

In addition to the classes listed below, Josie is also available for master classes, workshops, and choreography.

Dance Dimensions Performing Arts Center Westfield Promenade Mall 6100 Topanga Canyon Blvd Woodland Hills CA. 818-999-DANCE (3262)
Thursday: 2hr class-Contemporary Ballet Barre 5:45-6:45pm
followed by Contemporary Dance 6:45-7:45pm

Josie Walsh is well known for her Contemporary Ballet Barre set to alternative music covering the full classical ballet syllabus in depth with emphasis on proper pelvic alignment, initiating movement from the core, incorporating circular movement, breath, dynamic opposition, grounding and utilizing gravity in order to achieve the elongated “up”. Breathing life into the classical discipline is foundational and a bridge to all forms of dance. Best paired with her Contemporary Dance class following right after.

Contemporary Dance consists of floor work, improv, across the floor and a combo.

As an artist and teacher, her primary goal is to invoke and inspire; to compel from herself and her students a deeply realized meaning. Dance represents the deepest freedom of expression in that it leaves nothing to hide behind, nothing to obscure the naked truth that as the dancer, you are the art.

Josie has enjoyed a long, successful and diverse career as a ballerina dancing professionally with the Joffrey Ballet, Zurich Ballet and Oregon Ballet Theatre as well as numerous project work where she has developed her signature style bringing a progressive and unique approach to Ballet. Rooted in classical technique, Josie fuses disciplines of yoga and contemporary/modern to deepen the understanding of connection, breath and timing inside the classical discipline. Set to alternative music, her stylized classes are both challenging and fun connecting dancers technically while opening them up artistically through the ballet syllabus and beyond. “Freedom within the structure” –Josie Walsh

Josie’s choreographic career began with the Zurich Opera and moved on to several freelance projects throughout Europe. Upon her return to Los Angeles she integrated this vast background into the commercial world directing and choreographing for TV, film and stage. Credits include: “Get Ur Ballet On” and “OMG she’s a REAL Ballerina” music videos DJ Jealous Angel, “Inappropriate Comedy” feature film, “YAHOO” national commercial, Walt Disney “Tinkerbell”, A&E The Cleaner “Cinderella”, UTV international logo identity, STARZ “Torchwood”, MGM movie premiere “Bullet Proof Monk”, CBS “That’s Life”, Red Bull “Formula One”, LA Music Awards, Paul Mitchell Industrial, Zurich Opera assistant choreographer, “Pilgrim” Rock Opera, Asia Entertainment, Queen Mary Live, Focus Fish Flying Circus, Project Angel Food. CONTEMPORARY BALLET COMMISSIONS: “Texture of Time” Festival Ballet Theatre, “Secret Garden” (full length) State Street Ballet and Festival Ballet Theatre, “Bach to Rock” State Street Ballet, “Sirens” Los Angeles Ballet, “Transmutation“ Los Angeles Ballet, “Timeless” Joffrey SF, “Marine Machines” Joffrey West, “Lingogo” Joffrey West”,“Luminate” Luminario Ballet, “Deconstructed” Harvard Ballet, “Taming of the Shrew” Aeolian Ballet, “Found” and “Internal Affairs” Celebrate Dance, “Artemis” Santa Monica College, MyoKyo RED™ full length Renegade Rock Ballet productions: Urban Angels, Concrete Rose, Garden of Reason, Image-Nation, Gone with the Whim, Avalon and Carnivinyl.

Josie Walsh is the Artistic Director/Choreographer of Ballet RED, a contemporary ballet company as well as the Director of RED Events which is a rendition of a new kind of genre, priding itself in transcending boundaries that present any single art form or classical tradition. By promoting diversity within the arts, RED features cutting edge aerialists, acrobats, martial artists, ballerinas, contemporary dancers, tango dancers, actors, singers and musicians set to the sonic landscape created by the DJ/Composer Jealous Angel who so happen to play on stilts. RED dancers go from bare feet to stilettos and pointe shoes to highflying aerial stunts in the rafters.

RED symbolizes the changing face of the art world. The RED spectacular is not to be mistaken for a dance concert, but is rather an extraordinary display of uninhibited imagination intersecting the arts.

Josie was named “25 to watch” by Dance Magazine.

Joffrey Ballet, School of American Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, San Francisco Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet and Westside Ballet Academy.