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About Josie Walsh

Artistic Director / Choreographer

Josie WalshJosie Walsh, a native of Los Angeles, is the Artistic Director/ Choreographer of BalletRED, the world wide Project Protege and the Joffrey Ballet School in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City. Former professional dancer with the Joffrey Ballet, Zurich Ballet and Oregon Ballet Theatre, Josie’s choreographic career began with the Zurich Opera and moved on to several freelance projects throughout Europe. Upon her return to Los Angeles she integrated this vast background into the commercial and concert dance world. Josie was named 25 to watch by Dance Magazine, Awarded the “Outstanding Choreographer 2016 for Youth America Grand Prix and featured in the Los Angeles Times as “Faces to watch 2014” for her work as Artistic Director/Choreographer of Ballet RED, formerly MYO Dance Company, based in Los Angeles.

Having enjoyed a long successful and diverse career as a ballerina, Josie’s wealth of knowledge is sought after as a master teacher and choreographer worldwide. Josie teaches classical and contemporary ballet as well as contemporary dance. Her unique and progressive approach to ballet, rooted in a strong classical base, fuses contemporary and modern principles in such a way that connects dancers technically while opening them up artistically through the ballet syllabus and beyond. “Freedom within the structure” –Josie Walsh

Josie directs and choreographs for TV, film and stage. Coming from a creative family of writers and actors, she inherited a theatrical approach to her ballets that she often writes as plays first, flushing out characters and through lines and storyboarding her work for TV and film to guide the camera optimally through the choreography. Credits include: “Get Ur Ballet On” and “OMG she’s a REAL Ballerina” music videos for Jealous Angel, “Inappropriate Comedy” feature film, “YAHOO” national commercial, Walt Disney “Tinkerbell”, A&E The Cleaner “Cinderella”, UTV international logo identity, STARZ “Torchwood”, MGM movie premiere “Bullet Proof Monk”, CBS “That’s Life”, Red Bull “Formula One”, LA Music Awards, Paul Mitchell Industrial, Zurich Opera, “Pilgrim” Rock Opera, Asia Entertainment, Queen Mary Live, Focus Fish Flying Circus, Project Angel Food. CONTEMPORARY BALLET COMMISSIONS: “Dreams” Gala De Danza with Sammy Hagar live, “Eternity” Gala De Danza,”Convergence” Gala of the Stars, “Texture of Time” Festival Ballet Theatre, “Secret Garden” (full length) State Street Ballet and Festival Ballet Theatre, “Bach to Rock” State Street Ballet, “Sirens” Los Angeles Ballet, “Transmutation“ Los Angeles Ballet, “Isle of Avalon” and “Timeless” Joffrey SF, “Marine Machines” Joffrey West, “Lingogo” Joffrey West”,“Luminate” Luminario Ballet, “Deconstructed” Harvard Ballet, “Taming of the Shrew” Aeolian Ballet, “Found” & “Internal Affairs” Celebrate Dance, “Artemis” Santa Monica College, MyoKyo™ RED full length Renegade Rock Ballet productions: Urban Angels, Concrete Rose, Garden of Reason, Image-Nation, Gone with the Whim, Avalon and Carnivinyl.

Dance represents the deepest freedom of expression in that it leaves nothing to hide behind… nothing to obscure the naked truth that as a dancer you are the art. –  Josie Walsh


Westside Ballet Academy, Joffrey Ballet, School of American Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, San Francisco Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet.

KCET profile link: http://www.kcet.org/arts/artbound/counties/los-angeles/the-kinetic-choreography-of-josie-walsh.html


GET UR BALLET ON & OMG she’s a REAL Ballerina Dir/Choreographer DJ JEALOUS ANGEL
Inappropriate Comedy Choreographer Dir. Vince Offer
UTV Movie Logo Choreographer Dir. Prashant Madan
“Yahoo” commercial Choreographer Dir. Samuel Bayer
The Cleaner Choreographer A&E/ Dir. Steve Boyum
Tinker Bell Choreographer Walt Disney
Torchwood Choreographer Starz
That’s Life Choreographer CBS
Contemporary Ballet Commissions
Dreams-Sammy Hagar live Choreographer Gala De Danza
Eternity Choreographer Gala De Danza
Convergence Choreographer Gala of the Stars
Texture of Time Director/Choreographer Festival Ballet Theatre
Sirens Director/Choreographer Los Angeles Ballet
Secret Garden Choreographer State Street Ballet
Timeless Director/Choreographer Joffrey SF
Marine Machines Choreographer Joffrey West
Lingogo Choreographer Joffrey West
Urban Angels Director/Choreographer Joffrey Ballet School
Evenings Choreographer State Street Ballet
Bach To Rock Choreographer State Street Ballet
Transmutation Choreographer Los Angeles Ballet
Luminate Choreographer Luminario Ballet
Taming of the Shrew Choreographer Aeolian Ballet
Artemis Choreographer Santa Monica College
Deconstructed Choreographer Harvard Ballet Co
Found/Internal Affairs Choreographer Celebrate Dance
Papillon Choreographer Idyllwild Arts
Stage / Live Shows
Bohemian Decadence Director/Choreographer Supperclub
Intersection Director/Choreographer MYOKYO
Garden of Reason Director/Choreographer MYOKYO
Image-Nation Director/Choreographer MYOKYO
Gone with the Whim Director/Choreographer MYOKYO
Avalon Director/Choreographer MYOKYO
Carnivinyl Director/Choreographer MYOKYO
Pilgrim Rock Opera Choreographer Rusty Cup Prod.
Flying Circus Choreographer Focus Fish
Jack Monty Show Choreographer DreamWorks Prod.
Merry Widow Asst. Choreographer Zurich Opera
Onegon Asst. Choreographer Zurich Opera
Faust Asst. Choreographer Zurich Opera
Samson & Dalila Asst. Choreographer Zurich Opera
Industrials / Special Events
Bullet Proof Monk Choreographer MGM
Asia Entertainment Choreographer Vegas Award Show
Formula One Race Choreographer Red Bull
2007 New Year’s Eve Choreographer Queen Mary Live
Paul Mitchell Systems Choreographer Las Vegas
Sisco Systems Choreographer Universal City
Chanel Fashion show Choreographer Jeremy Scott
Vivienne Westwood Choreographer Fashion Show
Terri King Fashion Choreographer House of Blues
Project Angel Food Choreographer Fundraiser
2004 Grammy Party Choreographer Standard Hotel
2003 LA Music Awards Choreographer House of Blues
Dolphina Choreographer LACMA
Risqué Cabaret Choreographer Laguna Arts Fest.
Teaching Credits
Joffrey Ballet School SF Artistic Director
Joffrey West Artistic Director
Edge Performing Arts Center Faculty Instructor
Harvard University Instructor
Santa Monica College Instructor
Idyllwild Arts Instructor
NRG National Convention Instructor
Hollywood Vibe National Convention Instructor
Jump National Convention Instructor
LADF National Convention Instructor
Showstopper National Convention Instructor
Former Professional Dancer
Joffrey Ballet. Zurich Ballet. Oregon Ballet Theatre
Joffrey Ballet, School of American Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, San Francisco Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet and Westside Ballet Academy.