11 Nov

About Jealous Angel

Jealous Angel is a composer and performance artist who creates a sonic landscape of emotional depth through layers of dark electronica with clouds of acoustic guitar melodies. Live he stands 10ft tall as a white angel playing and often bowing his guitar while triggering ethereal sounds and riveting beats.

Jealous Angel has composed numerous full-length ballet commissions for choreographer Josie Walsh as well as TV & film.  Credits include: A&E- The Cleaner (Cinderella), Cinemax- Girls Guide to Depravity, VH1 Classic-That Metal Show, Discovery Channel, Echelon Conspiracy (Feature Film), Zombie Strippers (Feature Film), NFL Football and College Football. Full length Ballets: Texture of Time, Secret Garden, Sirens, Urban Angels, Transmutation, Concrete Rose, Intersection, Gone with the Whim, Image-Nation, Garden of Reason, Avalon, Carnvinyl, Luminate, Taming of the Shrew and Golden Doorway.



Many of the reasons why Jealous Angel is an ideal composer for contemporary dance are obvious: his rhythmic surety, for example, and his sharpness of attack.  Spotting other qualities, however, takes repeat listenings.  I have particularly admired his way of bonding with the choreography, whether he’s composing a full evening, character-driven story ballet (“Secret Garden” danced by several Southern California companies) or one-act pure-movement pieces (including several for Los Angeles Ballet) or even bold, rock-infused music videos (“Get Ur Ballet On”).  Whatever the challenge, Jealous Angel’s sophistication of tone always creates a seductive environment, an atmosphere that brings the audience into the choreographer’s world and heightens the excitement on view.  He is one of the major creative resources of the West Coast dance scene.

– Lewis Segal, former staff dance critic, Los Angeles Times.

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