07 Nov

Welcome to Ballet RED


Ballet RED is an innovative contemporary ballet company founded in 2000 by Director/Choreographer Josie Walsh, formerly under the name MYO Dance.

Josie Walsh’s unique hybridized style of edgy classical and contemporary ballet fusion along with her dynamic collaboration with electronic composer Jealous Angel, musicians, visual artists, multimedia and fashion designers has created a signature all its own.

Ballet RED is a rendition of a new kind of genre, priding itself in transcending boundaries that present any single art form or classical tradition. By promoting diversity within the arts, RED’s eclectic multidisciplinary style symbolizes the changing face of the art world. The RED spectacular is not to be mistaken for a dance concert, but is rather an extraordinary display of uninhibited imagination intersecting the arts. Be sure to click on RED SPECIAL EVENTS to learn more about what RED offers.

Ballet RED is a non-profit 501c3 under the fiscal sponsorship of The Dance Resource Center of Los Angeles. All Donations are fully tax-deductible. Join the RED family by clicking on SUPPORT where you can donate by check or use the PayPal link and become an integral part of Ballet RED. We greatly appreciate your support!

Ballet RED-Jealous Angel & The Glamourinas by Josie Walsh